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When Someone You Love is Lost

As a believer, you know the condition of those who are outside of Jesus Christ. You understand that they are separated from God, under His wrath, and facing an eternity of misery and damnation. You realize that lost people have no true hope or peace. You are fully aware of their bondage to sin. This understanding burdens you for those who are lost.

Yet, this burden increases when the lost person is someone you know intimately and love. It may be a husband, wife, son, daughter, or other family member. It grieves your heart to know that your loved one is separated from God, under His wrath, and headed for an eternity in hell. You long for your loved one to experience true hope and peace through the Lord Jesus Christ. You yearn for your loved one to be set free from bondage to sin.

What do you do when someone you love is lost? The following are some biblical principles that you can put into practice to help you with this burdensome load:

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